When things don’t go our way, it is easy to explain why and blame it on a circumstance or another person. We have all had a lot of practice at making excuses when we were growing up! For example, we didn’t complete our homework because my friend said it wasn’t due, or I was late coming home because I didn’t know how late it was! The reason we came up with excuses was so we wouldn’t get in trouble and we didn’t want to accept responsibility for being wrong. It is much easier to blame our shortcomings on the circumstance or misinformation. The reality is, you could have checked when your homework was due and you should have kept up with what time it was. NO EXCUSES!!

How does this relate to basketball?

I lost the game because:

  • The referee made bad calls.
  • I was missing my jumpshot because the rim was too hard and the ball was bouncing out.
  • The court was slippery.
  • The opponent was fouling me and they weren’t calling it.
  • My teammate wasn’t in the right spot so I turned the ball over.

The list can go on and on and on. So instead of making excuses, let’s start coming up with solutions!

The referee was making bad calls, so-lution- I  took a deep breath, and refocused on the gameplan and the next shot…

The rim was too hard and my jumpshot was bouncing out, so-lution- I made sure that I adjusted my shot so it would fall…

The court was slippery for both of us, so-lution- we got the referee to have someone sweep the floor…

My opponent was fouling me and they weren’t calling it, so-lution I made sure to keep hustling and finished in case I didn’t get the foul…

My teammate wasn’t in the right spot so I turned over the ball, so-lution I adjusted the play when I didn’t see my teammate so I didn’t turn the ball over….

There are always going to be situations that come up in a game that we didn’t plan on happening. We have two choices, we can choose to make excuses so we don’t feel bad for losing, or we can be a problem solver and learn to think in terms of, this is what I have to work with today, how am I going to overcome this and figure out a way to play my best!! The more prepared you are physically and mentally going into a game, will be a direct reflection on your results!

You can have results or excuses-not both….