Sport Psychology Coaching with Toni Delos Santos

Sport Psychology Coaching can help you master the mental part of your game.

  • Do you perform better in practice than in a game?
  • Are you not getting the playing time you think you deserve?
  • Are you able to let go of mistakes or bad calls before it costs you the game?
  • Does your temper control you or do you control your temper?

Toni can help you solve these issues and also teach you to…

  • Set and achieve goals that get results!
  • Overcome challenges and realize your highest potential.
  • Enjoy success in the sport you love
  • Perform under pressure by learning how to turn outside pressure to an advantage
  • Gain focus and concentration
  • Work within a Team / be a valuable and contributing member of the team

Who is Toni?

Toni Delos Santos, former National Racquetball Champion, has an extensive background in sports and fitness. Toni has a unique gift of relating to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Toni partners with teams, coaches and facilities across the nation, including; Athletic Republic, Matchpoint Tennis Academy, Tony Zuniga Baseball, Winterton Racquetball, Elite Pitching Performance, Tustin Western Little League and Orange County Nutrition Coaching.

Athletic girl hurdling at the track

Often times you hear words such as: Focus. Concentrate. Relax. Calm down. Get in the zone!

All of this advice has great wisdom, however, has anyone ever taught you how to do this? Just words cannot get results – removing mental hurdles and teaching you new ways to reach the desired state gets results!

Al Sargent, author and leader in the field of personal development, points out that every “Just Do it!” needs to be followed by a “Just How!”

The knowledge of how to guide you to peak performance, both mentally and physically, is the unique difference that makes Toni so valuable as a sport psychology coach – she gives you the mental “how” to support your physical talent and skill.

Are you a coach? Learn how to get the most out of your athletes.

  • Motivation Strategies. Learn to assess unique motivation needs and customize a strategy that will work to inspire players to excel and work together as a team to create the winning formula.
  • Manage overly enthusiastic parents and turn them into a supporting element for the team, by understanding what drives parents to be so competitive through their children
  • Research shows that 93% of communication is nonverbal. Always be clear and direct when communicating with your team through both verbal and nonverbal language. Leadership and a positive attitude will catapult your team to success!

Mental Training and preparation will give you the skills to play at your best and overcome any obstacles that arise during a competition. There can be so many distractions that exist within a sport including:

  • Referee making a “bad call”
  • Outside noise and distractions from fans, parents and the competition
  • Different coaching styles within a team
  • Critical internal dialogue and self-talk
  • Dwelling on past errors

It is crucial to learn the language of success by controlling your inner dialogue, which in turn sets the stage for peak performance!

Packages include:

Team Rates • Workshops • In Office Sessions
or via Skype/Facetime

For more information, call (714) 814-0438 or click here to email Toni.

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.

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